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Property Features of Agoura Hills Corporate Ridge

January 13, 2015

Established in 1989 by Scott Fouts, Fouts Electric Corp. provides commercial electrical services in Los Angeles, California, and its surrounding areas. Among the projects Fouts Electric Corp. has completed are the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House and Agoura Hills Corporate Ridge.

Agoura Hills Corporate Ridge, located in Los Angeles County, is a 72,181-square-foot planned unit development spanning 24 acres. The business property consists of 40 units that overlook desert landscaping and mountainous terrains. Along with a large two-story lobby, the Ridge offers conference rooms, double-paned windows, perimeter shading, and spacious private balconies. To support the demands of the large infrastructure, concrete metal decking was incorporated into the second floor to dampen sound and improve structural integrity.

Scheu Development Company spearheaded project coordination of the Ridge, along with the collaborative efforts of Daum Commercial Real Estate Services. Other companies integral to the facility’s development include Citizens Business Bank, Vinci & Associates, and Environmental Patterns, Inc.

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